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Frequently Asked Questions

We could, but we don't, because we believe it only increases your costs and does not give you the control you need.

We do, however, provide assistance and advice to help you get set up.

The price range is offered to give an idea, but it depends upon the amount of work you require of us. 

When we discuss your project, we can establish whether content creation and gathering is part of our remit and provide a quote according to the agreed project parameters.

Unless further requests increase the work load, we would stand by our quote and work to website launch within our agreement.  

Kind of.

We build websites using one of the most powerful 'Content Management System frameworks' in the industry today.

This CMS is called Joomla!

Upon this framework we make our own templates in order to give us the benefits of full control and customisation, so we know our websites inside and out.   As with any CMS, Joomla! uses a combination of components, modules and plugins to offer features and functions within the template that we have constructed and styled.

Nebula Designs uses a varied range of these components, modules and plugins which we have tested, learned to style and configure to fit the needs and desires of our clients.  We have handpicked the best in order to offer a fantastic service and have good relations with their developers.

The benefits of using a developer who contructs websites with a system that is familiar to other developers is that you are free and retain control with your website, being able to change developers -should you wish.  We hope you stay with us!  But if we made your website in our own, custom crafted and encrypted CMS, you would not easily be able to find a new developer in the future.  

What Nebula Designs does not do is buy a Wordpress template and pack it with your content.  

Yes, Joomla! is a free Content Management System (just like Wordpress) and you would find it available as a free install within any good web host cPanel (ask your web host if you are unsure).

However -especially if you are not familiar with HTML, CSS and some Javascript- there is a steep learning curve, an expensive and ardous task of testing components, modules and plugins and resolving any conflicts, not to mention the time factor in stitching a website together effectively and with good design. 

The core of Joomla! may be free, but there is a lot of work involved.


For those who feel adventurous, we will soon be creating a range of Joomla! walkthroughs plus advice articles and videos to help new developers take their first steps into the Joomla! world.  These will be available with a Nebula Designs "Website DIY" subscription plan, which will also include a free template to play with and Ticket Support and Forum.

It's your website! 

Take a look at our bespoke process here, and you will see that every step includes your input, approval and review.  

Our goal, together, is to establish what you envision for your online presence, in both look and function and bring that to life.

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